Safe PGR Alternatives in Hydroponic Australia

CANNABOOST ® Accelerator took the Dutch home garden market by storm in early 2005 and now revolutionised the hydroponic Australia bloom booster industry. CANNA BOOST® Accelerator is Holland’s best selling natural bloom booster, free of plant hormones, that radically accelerates the blooming response, improves quality and significantly boosts flower yield in rapidly growing annual plants in hydroponic systems. CANNABOOST® Accelerator is 100% organic and is suitable for all hydroponics systems. It is available in 250 ml, 1L and 5L. The manufacture of all CANNABOOST® Accelerator bloom boosters occurs in Holland under extreme laboratory conditions. Testing in our own laboratories prior to bottling and export to hydroponics stores ensures full formulation compliance.

Thicker, harder, flowers faster in your hydroponics system

What good is a hydroponics system in hydroponic Australia without a plant hormone free bloom booster? The answer is CANNA BOOST® Accelerator bloom booster. Plants flowered with CANNABOOST® Accelerator in a hydroponics system increase their rate of photosynthesis almost immediately and start quickly forming numerous, tight and heavy clusters of flowers that continue for many weeks. Nothing comes close to CANNA BOOST® Accelerator, not even the banned PGRs. The unique combination of non-toxic natural elements, not found in any other bloom booster, help your plants finish the flowering cycle up to a week and a half earlier - that’s 20% faster - without the usual loss in weight.

Even higher yields using CANNA® PK 13 14®

What are nutrients? CANNA BOOST® Accelerator is not plant nutrition but a nutrient additive that radically accelerates the plant’s photosynthesis. CANNABOOST® Acceleratoris best partnered with CANNA® PK 13 14® and CANNA® plant nutrition for results that you have to see to believe.

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