Quality proves itself!

‘Be modest’

Is a saying that just seems to be made for CANNA®. Although whipped up marketing hypes seem to be the norm at present, patting ourselves on the back is not our scene. We prefer to let our products speak for themselves. The fact that professional growers in fourteen countries swear by CANNA® and that our products are offered in more than 95% of the grow shops seems to us as an adequate proof that our philosophy bears fruit.


Team spirit and love for the plant are just a few keywords that characterize CANNA’s business philosophy. It must be obvious that CANNA® is much more than just a producer of fertilisers. Unique in grow-land is that we keep the whole production process in our own hands. From development and research to the unique environmentally friendly production line and our extremely rapid delivery department. As the only producer of nutrients, CANNA® has its own laboratory and research areas where specialized scientists daily unravel nature’s secrets. We think that only by keeping as many factors as possible in our own hands, will we be in a position to offer a product of a consistently high quality.

Forward with care

Based on decades of experience with growing and intense collaboration with other pioneers, CANNA® has assembled an enormous reservoir of knowledge that cannot be matched in grow land or even beyond. This rare combination of professional knowledge and enthusiasm has, in the course of seven years, led to a series of very high quality products. No single CANNA® product is simply placed on the market. Only when we are 100% certain that a product will have an optimum performance do we bring it onto the market.

But for us that is still not enough. To be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises, we also need to be certain why something works. In addition, we first undertake an extended investigation with people in various countries who are in the growing business, in order to list all the possible conditions. Therefore, we shall never introduce a product too quickly to the market. However tempting that may sometimes be in a market where the issues of the day all too often lead to short term hypes.

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