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We believe that the serious expert knows how to estimate the value of our professional approach. We are of the opinion that he who takes the grower seriously, treats the development of a new product with equal seriousness. And that is not a process that you can complete within a few weeks.

For CANNA®, research is also of essential importance. After all, this has extensive consequences for the end user. Therefore we take as long as is necessary for the development of a new product, actually two years on average. A period in which a team of highly trained specialists tirelessly sift through all aspects of a new product. That we place so much emphasis on this means that we can stand completely behind our products and that does not end when a product has passed over the counter.

After-sales service is for us an indispensable part of the business. We keep in close contact with end users via our dealer network and take their problems extremely seriously. Feedback from the field is a welcome addition to our research, the greatest satisfaction derived from our work is still always a grower who is satisfied with his end result.
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CANNA’s founding fathers where dissatisfied with the existing and very limited range of fertilisers back in the days. So they developed a nutrient that rapidly became a success and of which a shop proprietor noticed that the quality of crops grown on mineral wool that was offered to him was dramatically improved in this way. So well were the results received, that CANNA’s first-born twins, CANNA® Vega® and CANNA® Flores® (Now trading as CANNA® Hydro Vega®/Flores®), were quickly in production.
This marked the start of a business that within just a few years was to develop the most innovative and reliable constants for use in grow-land. This innovative approach was to prove itself not only in the production of concrete products. Also in the details it seems that CANNA® fulfils a pioneering function. One result is the standard mixture ratio of 1:250 for nutrients that is in general use in the hydroponics industry, which was introduced by CANNA®.

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